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Speaking Programs


Speaking Programs

You probably know the story of the new sales manager who asked the exiting sales manager if he had any advice for him. The exiting sales manager said, "Yes, in the top drawer of your desk there are three envelopes, and you will know when to open them."

The new sales manager missed the first quarter sales numbers and was in a quandary as to what to tell the CEO so he went to the drawer and opened the first envelope. The note inside read, "I've only been here ninety days." Great, thought the new sales manager, and he used that excuse with the CEO.

The next quarter, the numbers were missed again, and the manager opened the second envelope. The note read, "Blame it on the prior management." That was his story to the CEO for that quarter.

There was no difference at the end of the third quarter: those numbers were missed also, and the new sales manager opened the third envelope. The note read, "Make out three envelopes."

The challenge of sales management is to consistently and predictably produce results for our company and at times, keep our sanity. The lecture topics are designed to do that. They may be presented in a group or individual environment and may be customized to fit your specific circumstances. Most sessions run two hours in length including the presentation and Q & A.

1. How to develop and maintain a High Velocity Sales Organization

This presentation will explore the concepts, systems, and structures needed to consistently make sales and expense forecasts for private or publically traded companies. Special attention will focus on metrics, how they should be use as predictors of future performance; and culture drivers which determine the morale and actions of the organization. If you are not a publically traded company, expect to be, or want a better handle on making your sales budget, this is a must presentation.

Designed for junior and senior sales management

2. How to design powerful sales meetings

What do sales people want in a meeting and how to guarantee success are the key issues presented in this lecture. Are your sales meetings producing sales results? If not, find out why and change it during this compelling lecture.

Designed for all management levels

3. The seven deadly sins of sales management

This session will explore the actions that kill morale and sales. If your sales team is not consistently producing results quarter after quarter, chances are that the principle issues are among the seven deadly sins. The problems and solutions will be discussed in this session.

Designed for all management levels

4. Metrics, what they are and how to use them to predict the future

Metrics are your friend and they tell us when we have succeeded or failed. But do they predict the future for you? This lecture will convert standard metrics into forward ranging radar to allow the senior sales officer to anticipate tidal waves before they hit.

Designed for senior management

5. Distribution form and compensation

If you are setting up a sales force or considering reorganization, this session will acquaint the participants with distribution and compensation options, along with strategic discussions on positioning the sales team to align with corporate strategic planning.

Designed for senior management

6. What to do when sales budgets are not being met

Sooner or later, most every company will encounter a period of faltering sales production. What steps should be taken for correction, what not to do, and what to expect in the corporate environment will be explored in detail. The solutions will help reduce criticism to ensure a positive business environment for the sales team and corporate management.

Designed for senior management